For your holidays, for a couple's weekend or a business trip or for an important event, the group  JOHNNY HOTELS  is always ready to welcome you  in the  its Hotels & Resorts where you will find  Comfortable and comfortable "rooms and suites"  welcoming  with  exciting and engaging programs of activities and excursions. The group maintains a human and non-standard approach to hospitality, thus managing to combine the warmth of family hospitality with high-level quality standards a young and innovative group that enhances the quality standards of each of its hotels / resorts, favoring their affirmation and growth, thanks to the sea / mountain / city relationship, unique of its kind, which favors development synergies between  the individual structures. Our group works alongside hoteliers by collaborating with them to help them achieve concrete results, increasing revenues and decreasing investment costs. To do this, we develop "hotel revenue" strategies to attract new customers and strengthen relations between the hotel and its target. We work daily in close contact with hotel management, defining the strategies and commercial actions to be implemented, carrying out market studies and analyzes, managing reservations and rates, developing commercial plans and promotional actions. We believe that professionalism, respect for the guest, courtesy, safety of the  staff who work with us, is the most important business card for our group, which aims above all  to "give your guest more than what he asks", obviously all this in our opinion should not be evaluated based on the years, on what you write, on what you say and above all on what you sell, but it must be evaluated and analyzed in the field.
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Annarella69  Italy



Reviewed: November 1, 2019

Beautiful facility


Located in the Parioli / Salario district of Rome just 5 minutes from the S.Agnese / Annibaliano metro stop, it is an excellent starting point for visiting Rome. The rooms are well furnished and comfortable with free wifi.

Antonella  Italy



Reviewed: August 17, 2020

5-star relaxation


What they liked  ·  Varied international breakfast of excellent quality. Impeccable cleanliness of the structure both in the common areas and in the junior suite, very comfortable and spacious.

Fabio  Italy



Reviewed: October 22, 2019



Hotel  fragrant, clean and the reception girl really very kind.