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arte pietra virgilio


Over the years we have supported hundreds of companies with valuable strategies. Our work group is made up of experienced professionals who work with passion and rigor to achieve common goals. We can operate throughout Italy alongside any type of structure, from small hotels to large hotel chains. '' large portfolio of works for tourism promotion acquired over many years is the best business card, the testimony of the professionalism and quality of the solutions offered to our customers.


Our mission is to guarantee customers concrete results, increasing revenues and decreasing investment costs. To do this, we develop hotel revenue strategies to attract new customers and strengthen the relationship between the hotel and its target. We work daily in close contact with hotel management, defining the strategies and commercial actions to be implemented, carrying out market studies and analyzes, managing reservations and rates, developing commercial plans and promotional actions. By relying on our team you will have the certainty of being supported by a reliable and prepared partner, ready to work side by side for the success of your hotel.

arte pietra virgilio
arte pietra virgilio
arte pietra virgilio


TerraSalento 3.0 Cooperative Society specializes in short tourist rentals in the Salento area, a destination for tourists from Italy and abroad, especially in the summer months; an area that stands out for the beauty of the sea with its majestic cliffs and splendid sandy beaches, but also appreciated for the hinterland, with countless centers of cultural, historical and gastronomic interest. Even lovers of peace and tranquility will not be disappointed because our land offers splendid landscapes immersed in the green of olive trees, carob trees, eucalyptus trees, monumental Walloon oaks or maritime pines and the thousand scents of Mediterranean vegetation. We offer holiday homes, apartments, residences, villas, villas and prestigious villas, all with rooms equipped with the services and equipment necessary to make your holiday pleasant and comfortable. There are numerous structures currently available, and thanks to computerized and highly innovative management solutions we are able at any time to guarantee the possible availability of our offers. Our strengths are: seriousness and professionalism. The company is made up of a qualified staff able to offer you the best solution suitable for all your needs and certainly a very pleasant stay in our magical Salento.

CrossFit Mylos was born on the outskirts of Lecce in 2019, from the passion of Adriano, Amedeo and Gabriele. The applied method is rigorously based on the principles of TECHNIQUE, CONTINUOUS and REGULAR stimulation and weighted application of INTENSITY. The lessons are organized in groups called "CLASS", in which each participant is followed by qualified coaches so that the training takes place in the safest, most effective and fun way possible. The WODs (Workout Of the Day) are different every day and programmed to stimulate the body ... and the mind ... in an ever new way. That your goal is to get in better shape rather than improve yours  sports performances or to get to compete in CrossFit competitions, come and visit us to talk about it with us.
 CrossFit Mylos
    Via Leuca - New Times 3 km 
   73020 Cavallino, Lecce (PUGLIA)



SCIACCA is not only sea, spas and cultural heritage, but also crafts. Saccense craftsmanship finds its expression in majolica ceramics; It is said that in 1282 the kilns produced glazed artifacts and the ceramics found in Gela and Agrigento in the noble palaces of the sixteenth to the eighteenth century come from the Saccensi workshops.
After this date, the production of ceramics underwent a long pause, and thanks to the establishment of the "Giuseppe Bonachia" School of Art in Sciacca, so called in memory of the great master Saccense majolica maker Giuseppe Bonachia, the activity resumed brilliantly over the years 40.
The origin of ceramics in Sciacca dates back to the VIII - VI millennium BC and still respects the shapes and colors of the ancient tradition. The Saccensi ceramic artisans have a skilful mastery in the creation of individual objects and for them working this raw material is truly an authentic art.
The artisan TONY CASCIO in Sciacca offers numerous majolicas, such as: tableware, puppets, furnishing ceramics, votive tiles, plates, vases and bottles decorated with blue, copper green, straw yellow, orange and turquoise colors that were and are remained dear to the Saccensi majolica makers.
TONY CASCIO's ceramic boasts a
  vast interest, obtaining not only recognition for the value of majolica, but also knew how  create the market conditions for export throughout the national territory.





        SAN fOCA (LE)

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    The Landing



where the right meets the pleasure

We are one of the best fish restaurants in San Foca, a town on the marina of Melendugno in the province of Lecce. Our restaurant is the ideal place to spend moments of pleasure and romantic summer evenings.

The chef uses particular combinations of local cuisine with elements that give a new and refined flavor to our first courses. We also have a large selection of Italian and local meats for all tastes. Our Pizzas, cooked in a wood oven, are appreciated throughout the province.  Our cellar offers a wide and refined selection of fine Italian wines to combine with the gourmet dishes prepared by the Chef.